Discover Kakeyu hot spring

Are you looking for a natural spa in Japan that is an unspoiled hidden gem?
Kakeyu-Onsen is one of them, located deep in the mountains between Ueda City and Matsumoto City in Nagano, in central Japan.
Kakeyu is known to be a health spa for rehabilitation and recuperation from illness or injury and has had its reputation since the Edo period. There is a rehab hospital in the area.
The quality of the spa is mild and ideal for both short stays and long stays.
There are also many attractive spots for visitors in the area. Guests can make their own plans to stroll around.
Our Saihokuso Inn in kakeyu provides a family atmosphere, reasonable pricing, excellent meals using local and home-grown produce, free wi fi, free parking and a lot more.


  • Japanease modern style

    Rooms are 10 tatami mats in size, with a 2-tatami ‘indoor veranda’, and toilets. (9 rooms, each with a capacity of 1 - 5 people)

  • Twin Bed Room

    Our western style room is 17 tatami mats in size, with a wash basin and Washlet toilet. (1 room, 1 - 4 people, non-smoking)

Home cooking

You can enjoy meals prepared with local ingredients, either in your own room, or in the dining room. The menu changes daily. Feel free to enjoy some locally brewed sake with your meal.

Natural spa

The high quality spring waters are transparent, colorless, and mild enough to drink. They will warm your body to the core. The baths are available 24 hours a day, so you can bathe at any time you like.

Points of attraction

  • Godaikyou Bridge

    Godaikyou Bridge

    7 minutes’ walk from the inn. Roofed bridges like this are rarely seen in Japan.

  • Monjyudo Temple

    Monjyudo Temple

    7 minutes’ walk from the inn. This temple is dedicated to the god of wisdom.

  • Ueda Castle

    35 minutes by car from the inn. This was the castle of Yukimura Sanada, one of Japan’s most famous samurai.

  • Matsumoto Castle

    35 minutes by car from the inn. A Japanese national treasure. The six-storied castle tower is the oldest surviving example in Japan.

Family atmosphere

We are a small, family-run inn. All our staff will greet you with a warm smile.


  • Free Wifi

  • Free parking

Lunch suggestions

  • Tatsumiya


    7 minutes’ walk from the inn. A soba shop known for its handmade buckwheat noodles crafted from home-grown buckwheat flour. Various other dishes such as ramen, udon, and rice bowls are also available.

  • Bambitei


    10 minutes’ walk from the inn. You can eat ramen, curry & rice, and set course meals.

Taiko experience available by request

Every Tuesday & Thursday. Experience this traditional Japanese art through Taiko drumming performances and workshops. The innkeeper is also a central member of the local drum performance team.


By Car

●From Tokyo
Tokyo (Kan'etsu Expy) - Fujioka JCT (Joshin'etsu Expy) - Tobu-Yunomaru IC - Route 152 - Route 254 - Kakeyu Hot Springs
●From Osaka
Osaka - Nagoya - Komaki IC (Chuo Expy) - Matsumoto IC - Route 254 (Misayama Tunnel) - Kakeyu Hot Springs

By Train

●From Tokyo
Tokyo Sta. (90 min on Hokuriku Shinkansen) - Ueda Sta. (50 min by bus) - Kakeyu Hot Springs
●From Osaka
Osaka Sta. (Tokaido Shinkansen) - Nagoya Sta. (120 min on Chuo Line Ltd. Exp.) - Matsumoto Sta. (50 min by bus) - Kakeyu Hot Springs